Caching Techniques using spring AOP

<!– Implementation of Data Service & Caching Advice : –>
<!– Data Caching Advice –>
<aop:advisor id=”referenceCachingAdvisor” pointcut=”execution(* com.interface101.xml.impl.ReferenceDataImpl.getReferenceData(..))”
advice-ref=”methodCachingAdvice” />

<bean id=”methodCachingAdvice”>
<property name=”cache”>
<ref local=”methodCache” />
<!– Begin Cache Configuration –>
<bean id=”cacheManager”>
<property name=”configLocation”>
<property name=”shared”>
<bean id=”methodCache”>
<property name=”cacheManager”>
<ref local=”cacheManager” />
<property name=”cacheName”>



  1. Josh Lupotokin said

    We have implemented the Ehcache solution for caching within our product, we manage to inject the cache manager of Ehcache entirely using your code in our spring’s application context XML which worked great.

    Thank you for sharing the code.

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