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Repo on-demand

Repo on-demand

Warfolio Repo is public interface providing access to all application interfaces. One location that manage all your web needs.


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Immutable Strategy

Project has it’s own set of needs, challenges, and requirements, there are basic considerations and milestones that all projects succeed. To ensure all project goals are met, follow an accurate, timely, and flexible development process.

  • Immutable way of doing things are process of these core components: Investigate, Design, Develop, and Deploy.
  • You should know your future approach. Do not move to another vintage Enterprise Framework before you got burned.

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  • Warfolio is a collection of java framework that exhibits the open source efforts, progress, and achievements of the programming work:Deployable war file for different application.
    • Application demo or Trial version.
      Evidence of an excellent work reflection.
      Real Scenario that entails the visibility of the application.

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    Interface 101

    For all IT professionals, whether they are architects, database administrators, Java developers, front-end Web developers, system administrators or any other person connected to the IT process, to see and think beyond the technology. What does “think beyond” mean and how does it apply to in real?

    The answer to the first part of the question is easy. To think beyond merely means to think beyond what’s staring back at you and think of it from the perspective of the organization as a whole. As to its implication of a real thing.

    SOA is one of the concept beyond this thought. Think for others perspective and process.

    & Interface101 think beyond the technology.

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